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Perennial Hibiscus is in bloom, giving you the beauty of a tropical Hibiscus. Flowers bloom late spring to early fall and are dinner plate sized.

They grow quickly with mature size being 3-7 ft tall & 2-4 ft wide. These are hardy plants that take full sun to light shade. Keep them well watered. Perennial Hibiscus attracts hummingbirds, dragonflies and butterflies.










A wide variety of plants from common shrubs (such as hydrangeas, hollies, roses, conifers and cypress) to branded shrubs (Southern Living, Proven Winners, Encore, Monrovia and First Editions) are waiting for you at Warren Family Garden Center.

Even though we have many types of plants, we are constantly searching for and finding new plants. Previously, we discovered the Tractor Seat or Giant Leopard plant and recently the Eyeball or Toothache plant.





Here at Warren Family, we grow over 75% of our own annuals.  We’re constantly searching for the newest annuals for your beds.


Perennials are a flower bed staple for year round beauty. We have a very nice selection of perennial flowers and grasses to complement any location. These can be planted outside or potted in a container and will bring a smile for a long time with proper care.


Spring bulbs are for summer flowers.  Fall bulbs are for spring flowers.  That's a little confusing.  On bulbs, you have to think ahead a little bit but what a welcome surprise when they bloom.  They bring unexpected joy so plant a little joy in your life.  (Don’t forget to plant your tulips between Thanksgiving and Christmas.)


Seeds are a great way to start or add to a vegetable or flower garden.  We carry a large variety of Burpee and Cornucopia vegetable and flower seeds.